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Stock markets are fascinating environments. Investing in the stock market is one way to make large sums of money while having fun.
Our strategies use mostly stocks and ETFs on the U.S. stock markets. I also trade currencies on Forex. We use swing trading or position trading methods to make money each month and increase our family’s financial security.

We started our private investment trading club, a membership club, for traders who are serious about learning how to become successful stock traders with confidence.

Stock markets are fascinating environments. But with unpredictable swings in prices, bull and bear phases, and stories about people making and losing millions overnight, they can also be intimidating to a beginning investor.

Which are why stock trading clubs can be a good place for a new investor to start out. Being in our stock trading club is a way to manage your investment risk, and give you chance to study the market.

People who are part of our stock trading club are willing to take reasoned chances so that they can make a good profit, all the while enjoying the entire process of the stock market. But they are also sane and rational when it comes to their money, wanting to retire with a nice sized nest egg. Investing in the stock market is one way to make large sums of money while having fun.

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