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For years, individuals have been limited to investing in public stocks and bonds.

Now, for the first time ever, you can invest like a billion-dollar institution
by diversifying into private market real estate investments.  Yet, if you’re like most investors, there’s a good chance that private marketing investing hasn’t even been on your radar. That’s because the doors to the world of private marketing investing have been essentially closed for individual investors — until now.  The idea of aiming for growth early, and stability later on, has a lot of merit.   

Investing 101

Buy things that zig when the rest of your portfolio zags: In order for a portfolio to be truly diversified, its investments must be allocated across several different uncorrelated asset types.

Use time to your advantage: Rather than only rebalancing your portfolio based on risk tolerance over time, you should also allocate based on liquidity needs. If you don’t need instant access to some portion of your money today, use longer-term investments to create higher return potential.

To build a portfolio that achieves these two principles, you have to find a way to expand your portfolio beyond the stock market (and the public market at large). In the past, this has often meant buying a home, or becoming a landlord, via the private real estate market.

For a long time, the private real estate market has been a favorite hunting ground for the elite investor. Its unique potential for high returns, consistent passive income, and built-in tax advantages are drool-inducing attractions.

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