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Customer retention, employee motivation and increased market share.
ENL purpose in small business development is to capitalize on Market trends, Life Styles and Socioeconomic.  This will be accomplished by investing in specialty small businesses.  Strategy includes, but not limited to franchising, partnerships, internet, corporate buy-outs and stand alone businesses.

Offering investment funding & services to help small businesses provide the right Merchandise, Products and Services at the right price at the right place in the right quantities and quality at the right time.  Markets include but not limited to; Fashion, Sportswear, Apparel, Athletic Shoes, Automobiles, Auto Parts, Marketing, Housewares, Lawn Care, Security Carpet Cleaning, Websites, Fast Foods, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Convenient Stores, Dry Cleaners, Real Estate and Auto Care.

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Your Business Marketing Department

We position ourselves as your marketing department.  Not just another advertising service or agency.  We do all the work and train you along the way, measure results, revise strategy and grow your business.

At a glance services provided as YOUR VERY OWN MARKETING DEPARTMENT rest assured, your business is headed in the right direction:

Print Content/Design/Display Content

Website Design/Marketing

Exclusive Ad Placement

Social Media Marketing/Advertising


Consumer Lead Generation 

We also provide full marketing services off-line.

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