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A Company That Cares About Our Local Community First.

Did you know that 108 million consumers reported shopping or dining at local independently-owned businesses last Small Business Saturday®?


Welcome to, an Empire NoLimit, LLC company, is an online local business directory, monthly advertising publication and advertising service.

These services are provided as a tool and a vehicle in an effort to bridge the gap and bring awareness to the local consumers and their surrounding local businesses together, inwhich the local consumer may have overlooked or simply didn’t notice a local business in their neighborhood or community which provided a service or product that he or she could benefit.


Not only that, you also save on time, money, gas, with up close personal service and you get to meet great people, some whom may live in your neighborhood.

We believe that the empowerment of local small business development, community support and integrity along with an earnest commitment is the foundation inwhich strong local economies and communities are built.

In September 2008, buylocal2day was founded, buylocal2day have been great assest to many local and small business owners as well as their surrounding communities.

As with most start up businesses, buylocal2day lacked good management in it’s ealier years and had resided under several corporate umbrellas.

Large corporations could’nt give a ‘hoot’ about the local small business owner or the service they are  providing for the community, therefore, lost it’s power until now, buylocal2day have finally found a place to call home and is now owned by Empire NoLimit, LLC ‘a small business investment management company’  

A company that knows 34% of local shoppers visit clothing stores, 56% eat at restaurants, 75% frequent food and beverage stores, and 66% of local shoppers like the convenience, 63% want to support local businesses, 54% like one of a kind products and most of all 53% love the customer service’.  Up and running again, buylocal2day will continue thriving by helping to meet the needs of local shoppers, local businesses and their community.

“I believe that ambition is the fortitude of prosperity and that tenacity is the springboard that prods us toward our goals.  Every small business contains a diminutive seed deeply rooted, that if watered and nurtured will yield fruit in due season.  Exercising integrity without compromise in all our affairs, will result in win, win solutions.” Jus’ Click Here, We’d Love To Here From you.

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