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Empire NoLimit Investments & Associates (ENL) have been serving clients in the state of California for the last three years and became a registered LLC May 2018. We plan to build stronger each year to come, leaving behind a legacy that will be continued for decades.

The firm was founded based on the core principles of investing, risk taking, and financial advising, in addition to the basic principle of supporting startups and local small businesses.

As an investment firm, we provide capital for several different types of investment projects, including but not limited to; real estate, startups, local small businesses, stock market trading, and small business investing.

Throughout our time and ongoing training in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in determining not only the types of projects that bring us a return on our investment, but also the types of projects that help to promote economic achievement among startups, local small businesses, and our local business communities. Furthermore, we look to invest our financial and professional resources aggressively when we are certain that they will have a positive impact on a local community.

To us, investing is not just a way to help a business succeed. At ENL, we see investing as a way to promote lively and healthy communities, while also helping businesses succeed in today’s volatile markets.

What We Do & Why We Do It

With a high regard for the Entrepreneurs of America and Free Enterprise, May 11, 2018 Empire NoLimit Investmensts , LLC (ENL) is formed. ENL is a startup real estate investment company, with a plan to embody a foundation built on professional and expert leadership, employee empowerment, strategic planning, creative positioning, control growth and efficiency distribution and leading-edge technology. Our mission under one corporate effort is to generate multiple streams of substantial revenue through real estate, small business and stock market investments.

Our Mission

At Empire NoLimit Investments, our mission is to effectively and efficiently invest our financial resources, and our professional resources, to help facilitate real estate projects, small business startup/launch and help local small businesses succeed in today’s volatile markets.

Our diverse portfolio has uniquely positioned us to offer seed capital and funding across a large variety of industries and domains. Our ultimate goal is to make an investment in projects that will ultimately help businesses and communities grow together. At ENL, this is why we invest.

Our Vision

We like to envision a world where startups and local small businesses have the same odds at finding sustainable growth and long term financial success as the bigger companies and corporations. To help see this vision through, we have put our resources to work.

Throughout the last three years, ENL has made capital investments in several projects that have not only driven growth and profits, but also helped to grow the local communities in which these investments were made. At Empire NoLimit Investments and Associates, we’ll stop at nothing to see this vision come to reality. There are no limits at ENL.


To provide Affordable Housing to First Time Buyers and the Financially Challenged Buyers as well as the Open Market and Larger Real Estate Acquisition Companies who buy in volume.

Philanthropy Goals

Partnering With In Our Community: Kingdom Life Christian Center - Another Level For Women - USA-Vets Network

ENL has implemented a Clean & Sober Housing Program to provide short term housing for Homeless Veterans and Homeless Families.

ENL is planning to also provide temporary housing for displaced victims of fire and floods.

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